Can overheating make my phone stop turning on?

So, my phone overheated really badly the other night, i usually plug it in and place on my desk to charge but last i was very tired and just plugged it in by my bed to charge, during the night I woke up and my phone was so hot i could barely life up to move away from me. Later, after I got up I went to get from upstairs where I had left it and it wouldn't turn on. At first it did go the reset security screen when power and vol down are pressed but now it won't do ANYTHING. no turning on, or even orange charge light coming on. I check the battery, even tried putting my moms battery in and that failed but according to her phone my battery is fine because it powered her phone perfectly. I have not put any new apps on phone since its spontaneous factory reset about a month ago. Oh, several weeks age my phone did a factory reset without warning or anything, during the night it just completely reset itself. anyway its a droid incredible 2 that I have had for almost 2 years. I Have look all over the internet and can only hope this help me before I have to beg my parents to take me to best but for the second time in a month. Thanks in advance for any help you give me. ARO

Can overheating make my phone stop turning on?
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Overheating is never good for the phone.  There is the possibility that you fried the CPU.

Re: Can overheating make my phone stop turning on?
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Let's bring that device back to life geogirl2014! Have you tried the alternate hard reset procedure while the device is plugged into the charger? Does the device feel warm when it's powered off and connected to the charger? I have attached instructions below to assist you. If the device still doesn't respond, I recommend taking the phone, battery and original charger to a store location.,

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