Cant recieve picture messages

I have had my phone since it was first released.. It has worked flawlessly.. All of a sudden I cant Receive any picture messages, I can send them but I have had numerous people tell me they sent one and not only do I not get the picture I dont even get the text?  What could be wrong with the phone?

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Blkjack09, I would like to make sure your phone is working flawlessly again! Are you still having problems with your picture messaging? Are you able to access internet on your device? If you haven't already tried what JerryF mentioned, please try turning off Wi-Fi to see if you are able to send pics. Picture messages are sent over the data network, not Wi-Fi, so sometimes just having Wi-Fi turned on may interrupt the messages from being sent. If still having issues, try sending yourself a picture message to see if that messages sends and you receive it.

If still having issues, let me know.

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Take a look at this thread:

Also, could this be affecting your phone.  You cannot send MMS (picture) messages with ONLY the WiFi enabled. 

You must also have DATA enabled simultaneously with WiFi when you are using WiFi.  I wonder if this might affect receiving MMS messages too.


OTOH, you can send MMS messages with ONLY Data enabled (no WiFi).