Charging port issues

I purchased my phone in July of 2012.  I have been to the store where I purchased it several times because it will not charge and shuts off.  It appears that the charging port is not connecting.  I tried another verizon charger per the advice from the store, which did not help.  I called customer service again today and was told that I could send my phone in and if they deemed it was misuse or damage caused by me they would charge me $299.99 or I could buy insurance today and they would only charge me $99.00.  I explained to the verizon rep that this has been an ongoing issue and there is no damage to my phone so why should I send it someplace and let someone else determine whether or not I damaged my phone.

I have tried several times to resolve this and all I get is a run around.  Apparently they do not want to correct the situation, just charge me a large sum of money for an issue that has been going on since I purchased the phone.

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Customer Service Rep

Hi Debbie1120,

I understand your concerns regarding your phone replacement options. We can replace your device with a Certified Like New device as per the manufacturers' warranty; however, physical damage is not covered by manufacturer's warranty and many times charging ports stop working properly due to physical damage which is not covered by manufacturers' warranty, hence the disclosure of potential charge for device ($299.99) if physical damage is determined upon receipt of defective device. The alternative option presented to you to take advantage of insurance open enrollment would give you a more inexpensive replacement option.

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