Chiming and buzzing

Recently my phone has taken to vibrating for about 1 second and then sounding a single chime like sound.  This can happen as often as several times an hour but is more usually happening several times a day.  I have been unable to correlate this occurrence to the receipt of email, text messages, or anything else.  Any ideas?    

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Hello John_Homer, I understand it can be annoying to have your phone make random sounds for no apparent reason. Do you remember installing any new applications around the time this started? Do you have the Droid 1 or 2? Do you notice any new icons in your Notification Panel when this happens?

Boot your phone into safe mode (Droid 1, Droid 2) and leave in safe mode for an hour or two to see if it is still occurring. Safe mode still allows all basic operation of the phone, but stops third party applications from running in the background. If it stops in safe mode, check your recently installed applications for settings and alerts.

Let me know if this helps.



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