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Class Action Battery/Chargeing port defect

I have had the incredible 2 for a yr. And had to replace my phone 3 different times, with this last refurbished phone, that I have had for several months, the battery is not holding a charg, so I ordered a new battery, in which I'm still having the same issue so I go and see about a replacent phone again , and come to find out I was a week late before my warranty was up, so my wife was talked into getting a differnt warrenty in which didn't help me, I'm stuck on paying for a phone that I can't use, why should I have to pay out more money to get my phone fixed this is bad buisness after seeing all these battery issues with the incredible should of been a recall and people should of got a differnt phone free of eqal or greater value.... But I forgot Verizon is about the money and not willing to work or fix there issues...besides sending refurbished phones..I have tried everything suggested and still no reslove must be the port...I'm gonna go speak with a lawyer about a class action law suit since I'm stuck for another yr paying on a phone that I can't use...

Re: Class Action Battery/Chargeing port defect
Super User
Super User

Read the VZW customer agreement and its section about class actions.

Also why would you file against VZW? They didn't make the device. The manufacturer did.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.