Constant rebooting and dropping contacts

Initially, when I bought this phone.  I was delighted, when it works properly it is outstanding but that is a rarity. I am having a problem with it constantly rebooting and I can't understand why some contacts are being deleted from the list.   Is there anyway to store a contact list from before reboots occurred?

Also why is it so slow doing a task especially accessing the phone, God forbid I have an emergency, unless I can wait the two minutes for it to process a call!

I am moving programs from the phone to the SD card to try to stop the rebooting and speed up the processing but I have done this before and it seems to be a short term fix.

I've given up on trying to extend the battery life.  I just charge it during the day.   Sometimes it shows a  full charge, it will reboot and then indicate the battery is almost dead!  UGGGGH!

The contract is up this month.  Good-bye Charge!

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Same trouble here.  And frequently it won't charge because the mini-usb port doesn't work right.  The phone has already been replaced once because of this issue.  I just purchased a new battery for it because it kept shutting off at random.  The new battery didn't help.  I get your complaint about slowness.  I am a single mom with a young child and my biggest complaint about the phone is that it is not reliable because of all of the issues you mentioned. 

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GlassSpirit, as mother myself, I definitely understand the importance of having a reliable wireless phone. Is there any physical or liquid damage on your device? Is the charging port where the device connects to the charger loose or have corrosion? Try uninstalling a few applications, delete unwanted text messages and call logs. You will then need to power your device off/on to soft reset. Keep us posted.

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