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Continually freezes/wipes itself

It seems that it doesn't matter how many different Incredibles Verizon sends me, I have the same problem over and over...

I am on my 3rd, 1st gen Incredible, and again, just now, my phone froze. Couldn't open it, couldn't turn it off, nothing. My only choice was to remove the battery. After doing so, none of my apps work, my contacts are gone, pictures lost. It is inoperable in this state, so my next step is having to do a hard reset. I just received this phone a month ago, and this is the 3rd time this has happened (with just this phone, I can't count how many times it happened with the others). A hard reset is the last thing I want to have to do, but if I want to do anything other than make a phone call (not that I have any numbers), it is my only option. What the heck is going on?

To say that I am irritated is an understatement. I hardly uploaded anything to this phone, because I wanted as few things to go wrong as possible. I am up for an upgrade in a month - I will NEVER buy an HTC again.

Re: Continually freezes/wipes itself

This has started happening with my phone for the last week.  The last time I had to do a hard reset was following the last firmware upgrade.  I do not want to do a factory reset on the phone when I have seen numerous posts of similar issues in the last week across multiple Android forums.  This has to be some type of software issue locking up the phone where I have to repeatedly remove the battery to restart it.  It occurs during all conditions.  I have verified that there is a ton of space available for storage space and phone memory.

Verizon, please figure out what has changed in the last week or so that is locking up the phones and provide a solution.

Re: Continually freezes/wipes itself

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