Cracked Screen for no apparent reason

Before I speak to our customer service about this, I thought I would ask the question.
Has anyone had a Droid 2 screen break on them for no apparent reason ? It is one
straight crack across the center of the screen.


It was was not dropped, and did not come into contact with any hard services.
We were sitting on the beach and my wife was using the phone and the screen went
blank, but then after touching the screen it came back to life and then you
could see this crack. For the moment the phone still works.


Has anyone else had a similar experience?


Thank You



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Nope, never heard of any device where that happens.. hope you have insurance

Verizon Employee

Hi mcruwys,


It is unfortunate your screen is cracked.  I have not come across any situations where a screen has been arbitrarily cracked.  I have witnessed a small unnoticeable crack, eventually spread due to continued pressure on the display screen (using the touch screen as intended) . Agreeing with   I am hopeful you have insurance.  I would be happy to review your account and your replacement options.  Please PM me your wireless number at your convenience.  I hope this information is helpful and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  



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A similar thing happened to my son's phone.  He used the phone, put it in his zippered pocket, left jacket on the seat next to him on a bus trip, took it out when he reached his destination, screen was cracked (He's a 20-year-old man on a NAHL team, not a kid). Now (two weeks later), the phone won't charge either. He's had the phone for about 6 weeks. Verizon was rude and acted like we were from another planet. They don't seem to understand the words "guarantee" and "defective". We're going through Motorola to get it worked out. After being a customer with 4 lines, since the beginning of cell phone service, we will discontinue service with Verizon when all is said and done.


you'd be hard pressed with any carrier. They'll all the same thing. I can see something with your story that sounds plausible. If he stuck it in his coat pocket and zipped it up it could have banged against something and he didn't realize he did. I have done that before.

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I am not sure about the quality of the screens on the Motorola Droid, but I have a friend who cracked his screen on his Motorola Droid, he lived with it for a while and switched to a Samsung Android device, he wasn't very hard on his phone either

My guess is being that the screen is designed to slide up to reveal the keyboard, and therefore a very thin flat panel LCD screen, it makes the screen more susceptible to damage versus smartphones where the LCD screens are part of the body of the phone itself

I never had a smartphone with a slide-out keyboard, and personally never had a screen break on me