Customer service nightmare, I can't get anyone to help

Welcome to my customer service nightmare.

I had the droid Bionic. I've had it for almost two years with no issues. I loved the phone. Two days ago, it starts giving itself an upgrade. The upgrade fried the hard drive. Even the guy from Verizon told me that. (So sorry, this has been a common problem recently, etc) So they offer to send me a replacement, seeing as how this was not my fault. The replacement was a used phone with NO battery and NO back. Guess also has a bum hard drive! So they sent me a broken phone. Nice. I called them back and spent two hours on the phone with a tech who told me my only option besides chancing another used replacement was to upgrade. I've been eligible for an upgrade, but I liked my bionic. I asked if I could get the difference of the price of the used Bionic they were going to send me off of the price of a new phone. "No, I'm sorry. We cannot discount any further." I'm going to be without a phone all weekend, any way I can get it here sooner? "Pay $20 for overnight shipping." Seriously? They killed my phone, sent me a broken replacement that wasn't even a whole phone, and then refused to do any more for me. I have been a Verizon wireless customer for 14 years. You are telling me that I mean so little to them that they can fry my perfectly good phone and then refuse to replace it with anything more than an equally useless used phone?? I wasn't asking for a free brand new phone. I was asking for the price of the one they were about to send me to be discounted from the price I was going to pay on a new one. Is that not a fair request? I got ZERO help. Not a single penny off of anything. No apologies. Nothing. What is the deal, Verizon? And you can't even give me the email address of someone I could talk to about this? I am beyond frustrated. Since when does 14 years of loyalty mean nothing?

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