Customer service reps not helping

So my mom has a Droid 2 Global that freezes up about 2-3 times a day. The local Corporate store says they can't do anything unless they see it having the issue. So tonight it froze up for the 2nd time and we get in the truck to drive to the store with it frozen. Half way there the phone auto reboots itself. We still went to the store and explained the issue again. The customer service rep told us that she could send a certified replacement BUT if the manufacturer gets the replaced phone back and cannot replicate the problem, then my mom would be charged full retail value for the phone. The phone is freezing randomly, so unless the technician that tests the phone sits and plays with it for 6-8 hours they probably are not going to replicate the problem.

The rep also told us that battery pulls are normal and should be done regularly to keep the phone running smoothly. I work in and am certified in computer technology, and have never heard a bigger line of you know what. Shutting a computer down clears RAM, you do not have to pull the battery to do that and pulling the battery does absolutely nothing in addition to help other than wear down the case (she has the shell/holster combo) to the point where it doesn't fit anymore.

Verizon is about to lose a contract with 3 phones on it if something isn't done right soon

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