Hi!  I have had a Droid 2 for a year now.  Within the first week of purchasing the phone, I started having troubles.  It's always been the same.  Freezing, dropped calls, turning off and on by itself, and wiping my sd card clean.  I am BEYOND frustrated and Verizon has not helped.  Everytime I call and complain, it's always the same, it's apps.  So another words, I can have a phone with a market full of apps, yet I can't download any of them?!  Not to mention that I have only ever had maybe 5 apps total on my phone.  I'm on replacement phone # 5.  These phones are driving my husband and I crazy.  All I ask is that Verizon stands by their phones and offers a discount or exchange for another phone, I'd even sign another 2 yr contract.  When you spend over $3000 a year with a phone service, you expect it to work!!!!  Then when you do talk to the customer service reps, they lie to you.  A rep told my husband and I in a chat that we were eligible for an annual upgrade.  Excited we could ditch these phones, we jumped right on it only to find another rep told us she was wrong?!  Is anyone else having issues like this with their phones and verizon customer service?  We are ready to drop...beyond ready to leave Verizon in the dust!

Please tell me Verizon is better than this!

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Hello ashes,

Thank you for sharing your concern as I am eager to assist you with your devices. Based on your original posting, can I assume that you and your husband have the same model device? If so then the steps that I have provided below can be used to resolve the issue with his device as well as yours.

  • Verify how many bars of signal and what kind of signal strength is on the device.
  • Remove battery from the device while the phone is powered on and check for any liquid or physical damage.
  • Confirm that you are using the original charger and the original battery.
  • Verify that the device software is up to date.
  • Update the device's roaming list by calling *228 and selecting option 2.
  • Perform a factory reset on the device. (See link below)


Prior to doing the factory reset, it is recommended to archive all of your contacts and calendar entries. Backup Assistant can be used to save your contacts and calendar entries can be archived on your Gmail account. Once you have completed the factory reset then the device would need to be re-setup. There is a tutorial on the device that will walk you through this process. Once completed, please test all voice and data services for functionality.

If you are still having issues with the device after the factory reset then I can review your account for replacement options. I can also verify if you are eligible for an upgrade on your account. Feel free to reply to this message once the steps above have been completed so I can further assist.

Thank you...


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Sounds like android might not be the OS for you, maybe you need an iphone next time you upgrade.

The problems you describe are 100% releated to apps. Task killers or lookout, battery managers or just random apps in general, not keeping them updated or downloading the wrong kind

$3000 a year is for service, you get service.

Have you ever contacted motorla? 5 phones when there are thousands of them on the market without problems, has to be something else involved here.

Be careful when you leave verizon, because you aren't having a carrier issue. Make sure you don't get android again please.

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The issues may not be app related.  They tried to tell me, and many others, after VZW did a forced upgrade of the andriod operation system from the Froyo platform (which was great) to the gingerbread platform.  Ever since this upgrade there have been issue upon issue with just an immense number of Droid2's, mine being one of them.  There has been talk on the Motorola site itself about a new OS to correct the issues of gingerbread, but that's all that I have seen about it - just talk.  Unfortunately, VZW's support staff is unable to admit their mistake with gingerbread.  Which is why they keep saying "it's the apps, do a factory reset."  Sadly, my device still has issues after taking such measures, including the *228 roaming area update almost on a weekly basis.  Pathetic, truly pathetic.

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its been said before, but if the majority of people who use that phone don't ahve problems, then verizon (as with most carriers) put the responsibility of fixing it on the consumer. Phone is not cosidering brand new the miunte you take it out of the box.

If you had the same apps on froyo as you do on gingerbread, and they've been getting restored everytime you get a refurbished device, then the same apps are causing the same problems. Ensure that all your apps are the lastest version and are in fact compatible with gingerbread apposed to being designed for froyo. If these types of things is not something you wish to do then an android phone is not for you. Get an iphone.