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Ok I mostly have a comment BUT if someone is able to help I would greatly appreciate it!  First off let me just say that I have had 3 Droid Charges to date.  The same thing is happening on all my phones.  Static, noises, sounds, beeping while I'm talking on the phone.  I currently was in a wreck.....(a deer hit me) and was unable to have a conversation with my insurance provider due to the noises on the line.  They had to call me back 3 times within 10 mins. Now Im having the issue of my data disappearing.  This device is a 4G, granted it isnt 4G in my area at this time I know where my phone works at and where it dosent.  Yesterday (6/26/12) I called and spoke to tech support who informed me that they would open a trouble ticket.  Thinking to myself "WOW" I am gonna be able to find why my phone is crazy!!!!!  The <Ticket number removed for privacy.> was provided via text.  Now when you have no data service you dont have the ability to retrieve your vcml messages, no internet explorer blah blah blah.  Received a call today from Verizon Wireless tech support who informed me tht currently at my address there is no data.  I live in West Virginia just because my address is where i receive my bill dosent mean i live there.  I realize tht my service will not be perfect but enough is enough!  I currently have 3 phones not under contract and 1tht currently is, it is almost worth it to me to break my contract.  I mean the "Network" is not keeping up its end of the agreement.  When the rep called back he advised tht maybe I need to rethink my services......Really?  Are you telling me to go with a different provider?   I'm so over this crap and if I dont pay my bill cause they arent honoring their agreement you bet your butt tht they wld turn my service off right real quick! 

Soooooooo I guess maybe my question is is anyone else experiencing the same issue as me?

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My experience isn't as grim as yours but I'm on my second Droid Charge (replacement arrived two days ago). My problem, from the first day I owned the phone (one year ago) is that mobile services is extremely spotty. The replacement phone (which I have to admit looks absolutely new and beautiful as if never used before) has the same problem. It's slightly better in that the mobile services usually starts back up automatically after a few seconds of delay (I had to pull the battery on the previous phone). However, the frequent loss of signal means that surfing the web is extremely frustrating.