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DROID Mini release date?

I just left an official Verizon Wireless store here in San Francisco and this was the exact conversation I had.

VZW Employee #1: Hi, is there anything I can help you with today?

Me: Yes, especially if you can sell me a DROID Mini (which is currently on display).

VZW Employee #1: I sure can, but we actually won't have any in stock until the 22nd.

Me: Oh, no worries. Can I reserve one here so I can pick it up on Thursday?

VZW Employee #1: Absolutely.

Me: Great!

I get handed off to the customer service desk.

Me: Hi, I was told I can reserve a DROID Mini to pick up on the 22nd.

VZW Employee #2: Alright, no problem. Need your phone number, ID, etc etc.

Me: Sure.

VZW Employee #2: Ok, I just need an address and we can ship it to you.

Me: I don't want it shipped, I want to pick it up here on Thursday.

VZW Employee #3: (On the phone, next to VZW #2) - Yep, the DROID Mini is available today!

VZW Employee #2: Well, we can't ship from our warehouse to the store, only to an address.

Me: Uh, ok, I guess that kind of makes sense.

VZW Employee #2: Great, it will ship on the 29th.

Me: Wait, what happened to the 22nd?

VZW Employee #2: The phone isn't available until the 28th, so it ships on the 29th.

Me: The guy who just brought me over here said the 22nd and the woman on the phone next to you said today.

Me: When can I physically walk into this store and purchase this device?

VZW Employee #2: I don't know, we get deliveries once a week, but we don't know when.

TLDR Version:

  • DROID Mini is on display today.
  • When calling VZW, it's available today.
  • When talking to one employee, it's available on the 22nd.
  • When trying to reserve it's available on the 28th, but ships on the 29th.

Does anyone know when this phone is actually available for purchase? Not pre-order, not shipping. When can I walk into an official Verizon Wireless store, purchase one, and walk out with it in my hand?

Re: DROID Mini release date?

August 29, 2013

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.