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So I have been with Verizon now for 10 months before that I was AT&T. Since going to Verizon I have had issue after issue with my data connections. Lately it the data inconsistency is getting worse. I contacted tech support and there answer was that it was a "hardware issue" and sent me a new phone. I got the new phone activated it and yet I still have the same problem. Called them back and they are now sending me a new SIM. When I asked what are we going to do if it is still happening after that I was told another new phone. At this point I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. What I want to know is if anyone else is having these problems?

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Lots of us. All white if at all this morning, all blue this afternoon. Don't think it is hardware driven.

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"Anyone else having these problems?"

Yes -- that's why there are several (maybe 8 or 10?) -- separate threads on this Bionic Forum all on the same topic -- data connection.  Just scan down the list of topics -- they're all over the place.

I guess everyone thinks that their problem is somehow unique so they need to start yet another thread on basically the same issue.  Besides the pointless clutter of the board that this causes, spreading questions and answers and speculation across several threads makes it harder to help or get help, since a question may be answered in one thread and yet the same question is still a mystery in other threads.

FWIW:  I'm not having any data connection problems with my Bionic (on 3G -- no 4G in my area) and neither are lots of other Bionic owners...but then, quite a few are having problems, no denying that.

BTW:  The Motorola Bionic Forum is much more active and productive than this relatively lame Verizon version -- check it out.