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Does your droid make phone calls? Mine doesn't.

I have a Droid 2 Global. My phone started acting weird, to the point where I couldn't even make a phone call. Whenever I made a phone call, there was complete silence, even though the screen said the call had connected. No static, no noise, no ringing on the other end. My phone was also constantly shutting off and resetting for no reason. I also had to stop using the charger that came with the device because the plug was too loose and kept falling out. My phone randomly freezes and closes out the apps I'm using. The first time I called Verizon customer service, they were very nice to me and sent me a new device because I was still under warranty. It is less than 3 weeks old, and is giving me the EXACT same problems.  I am extremely frustrated with my phone, and when I call Verizon customer service, all they do is offer to send me a new device. I DON'T WANT A NEW DEVICE. This phone is a horrible piece of equipment and I absolutely refuse to wait a WHOLE YEAR to get a new phone. Who wants to walk around every day with a phone that doesn't make phone calls? It is absolutely ridiculous. I am a young woman with a temperamental car who goes a lot of places by herself. HOW can I expect to feel safe if I know for a fact that if something bad happens I won't be able to reach someone, or even call 911?


Please, if anyone can help, let me know.

Re: Does your droid make phone calls? Mine doesn't.

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Re: Does your droid make phone calls? Mine doesn't.
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what apps do you have on the phone, are they up to date, where are you when you cant make calls

sounds like a good old factory reset/wipe sd card time

Re: Does your droid make phone calls? Mine doesn't.
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Ejthedj74, I would certainly like to make sure we have your Droid 2 working correctly. You should be able to make calls at anytime. As commonsense101 stated, this could possibly be caused by applications and the phone may need to be factory reset. If you have any antivirus applications, please remove. Also, if you are having the same issues with the charger, have you tried a different charger or had that one checked? Does the charger port seem loose on the phone? Make sure not to use the phone while connected to the charger as this can cause the charger port on the phone to become loose and possibly damaged.

When the phone freezes and closes out of apps, is it the same apps each time? Are you receiving a force close error message when this happens? Boot your phone into safe mode and use the phone normally. This disables any 3rd party applications from running. This helps diagnose whether or not the software problem may be related to an application that was downloaded. If the problems are no longer occurring in safe mode, try uninstalling some of your applications. Read the reviews to see if others are experiencing the same things. If the problem is still occurring in safe mode, I would suggest completing a factory reset. This will reset the phone to default settings and wipe all data on the device that is not saved on the SD card.

Let me know if you need further assistance.



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