Don't Port Your Landline Until You Read This

Houston, we have a problem....

Earlier this week, I contacted Verizon wireless about porting my home phone number to my Droid Pro.  I was informed at the time that the port process could take up to 10 days, but that my landline phone would remain active right up until the port was completed.  Since this is my home number, and I really can't afford to have it out of service, I decided to proceed with the porting process, believing that I would still have my landline until the process was completed.  Well, it hasn't quite worked out that way:

I was informed that the port would be complete on Friday, April 27th, and that when I woke up, the number would be ported to my Verizon wireless account, and that I could then receive and make calls on my Droid using the number ported from my landline.  Sometime around 9 am on the morning of the 27th, I attempted to use my landline phone, and noticed that the line was dead.  About 3 hours later, I called Verizon, and they gave me the *228 instructions to activate the former landline number on my Droid.  The activation took, so I thought I was good to go.  It wasn't until a friend of ours called my wife's cell phone at around 8 pm, and said he was getting a busy signal on the home number.  When I tried to call the phone myself, I got the same problem, so I called Verizon's customer service and the port center - three separate calls with three separate answers:

ANSWER #1:  the port was still in process, and wouldn't be completed until Monday (even though I was told that my landline would be active right up until the port was completed, and my landline, at this point, had been out for 10 hours).

ANSWER #2:  the port was completed today (4/27), and that the system would make it effective at midnight local time (it's now nearly 3 am, and I still can't receive calls on my old home number).

ANSWER #3:  the port is usually immediate, but sometimes, for some unexplained reason, it can take up to 72 hours between the time the landline is disconnected, and the time the port is complete, so my home number is basically in limbo for 3 days.

Now, if I had known in advance that my home number would be in limbo for 3-10 days, and that I would be without a landline for that amount of time, I would have postponed the port request until I could inform friends, family and anyone else who might be trying to call me at home that my home phone would be out for an extended time, but quite frankly, this was not how I was told the process would work.  Now I need to call my landline carrier and ask them if they can temporarily reconnect my landline to my home number until Verizon's ready to "fire me up".  I even tried reverting the Droid to my old cell number, but the activation won't work.  I can make calls on the Droid, but as far as receiving them, it's pretty much a paperweight for now, and who knows how long it's going to be that way?

Moral of the story....if you're thinking of porting your landline to Verizon Wireless, make sure you notify people AHEAD OF TIME that your home phone number could be out for a number of days.  Had I known this, I would have made sure I gave everyone the heads-up first.  Live and learn.

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Sir i'm not trying to tell you what to Do but i would call them this Morning they open at 6:00am an tell them they need to Expedite this the Change You are out with both is this Correct if they can't get the ported No. an i would say it's because your land line Company hasn't re-leased it. Verizon needs to get you a Temporary No. So you are not with out a phone. You can't be with out a phone an the C.S.R should of know that..