Droid 2 GPS sometimes takes long to acquire satellites

My Droid 2 sometimes takes over five minutes to acquire satellites. I use both GPS Status and GPS Test and they have plenty of satellites in view, but none in use. I've tried using GPS Status to reset and reload satellite data, and also use GPS Test to turn off and then turn on all GPS settings. That doesn't work with any consistency, so I'm thinking that when it appears to work, that just may be coincidence and the GPS was going to acquire anyway. The only thing that seems to work consistently is a soft reset.

I've searched various forums and see this problem with other Android devices, so I suspect more of a software problem. But one thing I don't see is any answer making me think someone is looking into the problem.

Since I see no fixes in my future, is there a way to reset only the GPS system? I'd like the phone to do the same thing that a soft reset does, without having to re-initialize the rest of the phone. Hopefully that would be quicker.

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