Droid 2 Global Issues - notif. bar and incoming calls

Ok, I've had my Droid 2 Global for about a year now, and for the most part it has been fine. However, on the latest couple of updates, some really annoying "features" have come up. On the current update, the notification bar disappears randomly. Not known cause. Also, if the notification bar disappears, when I receive and incoming call, it doesn't display the "answer call" screen, showing the contact. This makes it difficult to answer the call, especially when the screen is locked. I have to go unlock the screen, and go to a screen like I'm going to call someone, and THEN I can see who is calling and maybe answer. If it hasn't gone to VM already. This is really stupid - first and foremost, this thing is a FREAKING PHONE. I should be able to answer a call.

Frustrated. Any ideas/help?





System version: 4.5.629.A956.Verizon.en.US

Android version: 2.3.4

Kernel version: mcbk83@il93lnxdroid01 #1

Build number: 4.5.1_57_D2GA-59

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