Droid 2 Global: phone staying on only when plugged in.

I've had my phone for about 8 months and I've had no problems until this morning. When I turned my phone on at frist it seemed normal. After it sitting for a second, it cut off. I tried turning it back on and the Motorola screen just kept popping on and off and when plugging it into a charger it would go to the bootloader and say "battery low can not program". I read other threads saying to plug it into the charger and leave it plugged in but my phone was fully charged, from a wall charger, in the first place. Now it only stays on when it is plugged in. WHAT'S GOING ON?

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Good afternoon! I'm sorry to learn the phone is being difficult. That's a big bummer! I would recommend you check the charging port on the phone for rust or corrosion, as that could be causing these concerns. Also, popping the battery out for 10-20 seconds while the phone is on, is another good tip. You may benefit from a new battery or a new device if you are unable to resolve with a reboot. Please send me (AdamE_VZW) a direct message for further assistance if necessary.

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