Droid 2 Global with multiple issues...

I got my Droid 2 Global last May and initially I absolutely loved it...with the exception of the camera quality lol but I can live with that. I consider it a fair trade for the slider keyboard. The phone worked great with a few minor glitches in the Android learning curve until I got the Motorola update in November. Said update proceeded to brick my phone. Verizon was awesome about getting me my warranty replacement right away. The replacement worked great at first but then I started having problems with the refurbed phone that they sent me.  Started out with the phone freezing up, going silent during calls, and forcing apps to close.  When this all started to happen I (having worked for sprint and being familiar with the troubleshooting process) started off with powercycling my phone. This worked for about a day. I then proceeded to boot in safe mode which made absolutely no difference in the performance. I have also tried backing everything up and doing a factory reset with no noticeable difference. My current issues are as follows:

  1. Phone locking up and being difficult to unlock
  2. Apps randomly opening on their own ( this has happened a couple times now and each time no one was any where near the phone)
  3. Apps being Forced Closed very very frequently
  4. Very bad lag when opening AND running Apps
  5. My contacts keep disappearing as well as old ones that have been deleted from both phone & VZW back up assistant online reappearing out of nowhere
  6. Calender is not synching properly
  7. Abnormally long Boot times when I reboot my phone, which I do daily.
  8. When connecting my handsfree headset my default music player comes on and acts like it is possessed (playing for a few seconds, stopping, playing again, turning on suddenly while on a call)
  9. Intermittently being unable to CALL people. My phone will show that I am in a call but will have absolutely no sound at all... and recently it has also started to dial people of its own free will as well... and no it was not in my pocket. Also when trying to dial out sometime the dialer just plain doesn't do anything until I reboot my phone then as it is shutting down it will start dialing out .

I have tried several times to take it into the Verizon store near my house and was told they don't do tech support anymore and that I would have to call technical support. And they just keep telling me that it has to be the apps I have on my phone (which are virtually none at this point Smiley Sad) or to do a FR, which I have already done. I even had one associate have the nerve to tell I must have dropped it or something. My phone has been in a case since the day I got it and luckily (knock on wood) not been dropped as of yet so I know that is not the case. My sister was having very similar problems with her Droid 2 Global and just finally went out and bought herself a new phone which I do not have the luxury of doing and there is no way I can wait OVER a year for my upgrade. This is so not okay! I would appreciate any and all help.

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Re: Droid 2 Global with multiple issues...

Hello. Yes! I have this same issue. I got my phone 12/2010, but then last November I started getting silence with both making calls and receiving calls although it appears the call is connected.  I know that the person on the receiving end when I call, does get the call but also hears silence.  It will work for a very brief time after I restart my phone, but pretty much anytime I go to make or answer a call, it happens.

I have been dealing with Verizon since December/January about this issue, for which they told me I was the only one having the issue and there was nothing on the forums that suggesting such a problem that other people were having.  Since this time, my phone has been replaced twice (received my third Droid 2 Global today) but the problem has already started up again.  I have spent hours today speaking with Verizon, who decided that I should do a factory reset, and if that didnt work to try a 4th Droid 2 Global phone!!!  Finally after I realized that other people were having the same problem on the verizon forums, they said that there is a Motorola software upgrade in the works, but I could switch to another phone at this time if I would rather.  Finally after endless hours and frustration with Verizon Customer Service, they gave me the option of switching to an LG Enlighten, Droid 3, Droid X2, or HTC Rhyme.

Good luck!