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Droid 2 Keyboard Issues

Bottom line, the Droid 2 is just a POC.  Motorola, Verizon, and the Droid OS, as well as D2 owners here on this site seem content to "just clear the keyboard cache" when the keyboard acts up instead of Motorola and/or Droid OS actually correcting the problem with a long term fix.  For as much as we pay for this phone (and the loaded OS), we should not have to do a Kabuki dance every month or so when the keyboard cache interferes with the function of the keyboard.  It is total B.S.  And the same goes with the systemic touchscreen failure where the outer edges of the touchscreen fails to function.  And Verizon's answer is "we'll send you a refurbished one just like it and you can return the one that isn't working".  Does that really solve anything?  All you are getting is the same POC phone/OS that nobody has solved the problems it has.  As soon as my contract is up for this POC, I'm switching to the Iphone OS.  I don't know any of my friends who own an Iphone that have these systematic OS troubles like the Droid OS.