Droid 2 barely usable.

My Verizon Droid 2 is barely usable, I dropped it in some water a while ago, and it works when it wants to now.

I was wondering, since the Droid 2 is discontinued, what would the replacement phone be, if I used my insurance?

Would it be more cost effective to just use my upgrade, and buy a new phone instead?

Would my insurance force me off of the unlimited plan that I am on?

Any help from an actual Verizon staffer would be much appreciated.

I don't know if the answers get emailed to me, so if not, <Email address removed per the .>

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Kuiper,

I understand the concern with cost and plan changes. The only way to find out which phone will be offered in exchange for your Droid 2 will be to contact Asurion and find out. If you're not satisfied with their replacement, you don't need to finalize the claim and you can use your upgrade instead. They can be contacted at 888-881-2622 or phoneclaim.com/verizon. You're not penalized in not finalizing the claim and there replacement allows you to keep your unlimited.

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It's hard to say what you'll get for a replacement. Usually there are enough discontinued phones in stock that are sent for replacements. No, your unlimited plan won't change with a replacement, but you will lose it if you upgrade with subsidized pricing. You shouldn't lose it if you activate a phone you buy off contract.