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Droid 2 global battery problems

My Droid 2 Global has been killing my batteries. I have went through 3 batteries in the last month.

The first one my phone died and when I went to go put it on the charger nothing, it didn't even recognize my battery so I went to the local Verizon store, got a battery coming and they let me use one of their batteries until mine came, well the loaner fried about 4 days into having it. My new battery came, lasted about 2 weeks and now that one just fried and wont turn on. What do I do? Ask them for a new phone? Upgrade? It's really starting to annoy me.

Re: Droid 2 global battery problems
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I apologize for the issues you've been having with the batteries! I can definitely help. It could be the device causing these batteries to give out so quickly and if under the warranty we can discuss potential options to replace the phone. I also want to bring up the charging source, are you using the original home charger provided with the phone or another one? Using a vehicle charger as the primary charger can also exhaust a batteries life in no time, too. If you are using only the original charger and only one outlet in your home to charge, it may be the outlet, just keep that in mind as something to check. A good indicator is if other phones use this outlet and have similar issues. Please send me a direct message if this issue is ongoing.

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