Droid 2 won't pair with my car after update

I bought a 2011 Nissan Pathfinder about two months ago and the Droid 2 paired with it and worked perfectly. Then after the Droid updated last week the phone was no longer being recognized by my car. I removed the phone from the car's memory and tried to re-pair it, but the car can't see it during the scan.  I've done a battery-removal reset and a soft reset (*228) but it still won't pair.  Verizon won't help because it might be the car (which of course it isn't... the car is two months old and nothing changed with it; the phone updated).  So now I have a useless phone.  Any ideas?  Is it worth the hassle of trying a reset to factory settings?

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I have the exact same issue - paired fine with my Land Rover and Range Rover prior to the 'gingerbread' update, now can't even find them. Funny thing is i traded in  my HTC a year ago because the exact same thing happened after a motorola update, Verizon said the same thing, must be the car- see a  pattern here? I also had a really tough time getting it to recognize my motorola visor mounted bluetooth, but i won, eventually :smileyhappy:


I could not pair my earpiec or my car.

This worked on the earpice and I'll try the car @ lunchtime.

I believe it should work.


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 The sugestion about turning off the phone and removing the battery solved my problem ^_^ *

During this procedure the bluetooth capability of your phone should be turned ON*

1.) Turn off the Jawbone ERA

2.) Go into your phone's bluetooth settings, making sure bluetooth is on, go to its list of paired devices and "un-pair", "delete", or "forget" the Jawbone ERA (this is phrased differently depending on your phone)

3.) Power down your phone and remove its battery for 20 seconds to reconfigure your phone's bluetooth

4.) Power up the phone; leave the Jawbone ERA off.

5.) Put the Jawbone ERA into pairing mode by pressing and holding the "talk" button with the device off, and simultaneously flipping the power switch to "on" (where you can see the blue indicator). The LED should be flashing red & white.

6.) Go into your phone's bluetooth settings, making sure bluetooth is on, and have it run a search for nearby devices.

7.) Add, or "pair" the Jawbone ERA when it appears in the nearby device list. If asked for a passkey, it is 0000

8.) The two should auto-connect; if they do not, have your phone manually connect to the Jawbone.