I have removed the battery several times. I need to be able to utilize my phone for the holidays, but I can't even make a call because I can't get my phone out of airplane mode. The phone keeps saying that airplane mode is off, and obviously it is. I am tired of having to go sit in Verizon to get this fixed. I pay too much money per month to have to go through this. Sheesh! Can anyone help me?!

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If you still need help with your D3, here's how to turn it off:

1. Go into the settings by pressing the MENU button > Settings > Wireless & Networks.

Verify that "Airplane Mode" is not selected with the green check.

2. If it is off, try dialing *228 into your dialer and press option 1 when asked. It should reprogram the phone number to the device.

3. Afterwards, make a test call. Dial #832 into the dialer. If it says "Your Test Call Has Been Successful", you should be alright.

4. If none of the following worked, try doing a factory reset. Press the MENU button > Settings > Privacy.

Select "Factory Data Reset". If you want to delete pictures, game settings, game data, etc... click "Erase Internal Storage". If you want to wipe your SD Card, click "Erase SD Card". It should reboot. Let the phone do it's thing.

5. If after the reboot, you may need to redo step 2 to reprogram the device.

If none works, call Verizon Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204. Select option 3, progress with what it tells you. Some systems are different, but you will eventually get through. Once you get through, you most likely will be put on hold and you will have to wait to be connected to somebody else, and you will have to re-explain the problem.

If you want to skip all of that, dial 1-866-221-4096. Press option 1. Type in the phone number the D3 is activated on, and you will be connected. Explain what happened, and they will try to troubleshoot. If nothing works, they will send you a new D3 device.

Hope this helps!