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Droid Bionic Text Messaging Problems & Losing 3G&4G

Lets start off by saying I first had the Blackberry Curve * New One * then that phone wasn't working so within the 14 days i returned it & got the Lg Revolution and i was having the same problem with that phone so within 14 days i went back to the store & they were going to send me out a new one . Well after a week they never called me back so i called them & they told me they discontinued the Revolution and they didn't have any refurbished ones to give me everybody was out everywhere so they gave me a deal & that's when i went and decided to get the Bionic  I've had the Droid Bionic since February of 2012 & I've had problems with it since day one first off they were supposed to send me a brand new Bionic since the Verizon store i went to didn't have it in stock it took over a week to get here because they messed something up again their fault ; when i got the phone in the mail the text messaging would ONLY work for 1 number & they didn't even have Verizon which was weird so... now i had to get a new sim's card because mine was messed up so it took like 4 hours for my phone to work after the sims card was activated & now my mom & my dad don't get my texts ; when i text them they say it's blank when i text others either some get it or some don't so now i have to use two different apps to send texts i had this problem before with 2 other phones & they said it was my memory card it was corrupted so i threw that card out and bought a new one but seem like i still had the same problem so not sure if it was even that or not i don't understand why nobody gets my texts or their blank is anybody else having this problem or is it just me ; that's not my only problem i lose 3G&4G all the time half my stuff don't work but all in all i think it's the phone because when i play games it kicks me out of the program & everything it deletes half my stuff so before i call Verizon tomorrow just was wondering if anybody else had this problem or its just me thanks for reading even though it's long.

Re: Droid Bionic Text Messaging Problems & Losing 3G&4G
Customer Support

Hi, meglove1989-

I apologize for the negative experiences you've had with the Droid Bionic. Were we able to address this with you already? If not, I would like the opportunity to assist. Based on what you state, this seems to be issues that require account access. Please send me (AdamE_VZW) a direct message for further help.

Thank you,
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Re: Droid Bionic Text Messaging Problems & Losing 3G&4G


Thank you for your willingness to respond and look into the boards.

If you'll notice, there are numerous complaints from us Bionic owners that started a few weeks ago all experiencing 4G connection issues/drops, both prior to and after the recent OTA .905 build.  You'll also notice that this is a nationwide issue seemingly affecting all Bionic users in all major 4G markets coast to coast.

See this thread as just one example (there are plenty others):

We have all tried contacting Verizon tech support to be offered the same response: a refurbed phone, -or- cycle the power after pulling the SIM chip, -or- replace the SIM chip.  All of these efforts have proven ineffective as you'll note by the dozens and dozens of responses here on this board.  So, we are hoping you can elevate this issue for Bionic users to whomever needs to be aware of it: swapping the SIM chip, getting a refurbed replacement, powering off/on, etc....the issue still exists, and has been going on for approx 1 month now.


-Jayson Olson