Droid Charge is ridiculous
Enthusiast - Level 1

This phone is awful- its my 3rd replacement. I am not hard on a cell phone, seriously I don't get texts, can't send pictures or it takes 25 or more minutes and sends double texts. Screen freezes, goes black- phone shuts off by itself, The camera works sometimes, mostly not. Right at this moment the phone won't even unlock- its frozen once again. Have to take the battery out and reboot, ridiculous. Can't use GPS 1/2 the time because phone can't find its location. Try switching to speakerphone and phone goes dead. Verizon sent me a "replacement Galaxy Nexus" yesterday with no battery and no cover- truth. I am thinking it's time for another carrier. They took my money for the phone quickly, i pay insurance monthly and don't have a reliable phone. Last night my grandaughter broke her arm, once again on the way to the ER, my phone went cuckoo. Ridiculous.