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Droid Incredible 2 Not working Internationally!


I need help, and yes I would just like to state that I have read plenty of posts regarding this but none specific to my issue...

My family activated  global smartphone (Droid Incredible 2) back in the States before shipping it to me out in Spain.

Yes my phone was activated, and yes there is a Vodafone international SIM card already in the slot, yes it is all the way in the slot.

Yes the phone is fully charged.

When I try to select "Global Mode" Under the Preferred networks, it keeps saying "There is no SIM card on your device"

The sim card does not appear damaged in any way

I do NOT have the ability to contact VZW from another phone as everyone in my group does not have international capable phones to make phone calls.

I can provide the SIM card #, my phone number, and whatever else is needed if I can communicate with one of your representatives through email/private messaging.

Thank you!

Re: Droid Incredible 2 Not working Internationally!
Customer Support

Greetings dmbneon6!

Hope all is well abroad in Spain thus far. But hey, we want to get you rolling with service so let's work on this together.

Right off the bat, thanks for the description of everything. I have verified that your device should work no problem while there. With that said, I've begun following you here. Please accept it, follow back, then direct message me your name, mobile number, billing system password (or last four of your social security number if a password isn't present), and just in case, the SIM number. Finally, just so you have this number we do have a global support team you can reach out to as well at 908-559-4899. Thanks so much!


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Re: Droid Incredible 2 Not working Internationally!

I am trying to check for the software update and I am connected to a stable WiFi connection, since I do not have network service....however when I go to select "check new" a box pops up saying that the "network is unavailable" how should I go about solving this?