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Droid Incredible 2 not charging - HTC and Verizon DOING NOTHING

After my discussion with Verizon regarding the charging port issues that an INCREDIBLE amount of people have had and I am now experiencing, my business will be taken elsewhere come May when my contract is up.  Not only is Verizon not willing to help a long time customer, but HTC clearly likes to put junk out on the market as well and not take responsibility.  When I called and spoke to the rep at Verizon, she had NO CLUE this was a problem.  I had to direct her to their OWN website and it was still "not a known issue" - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  You people are ridiculous and EVERY phone I've ever had with this company has had problems that weren't "known issues".  How convenient is it that my 1-year warranty is up and a month later I start having problems?  How convenient is it that those warranties don't cover charging port issues?  I am now considering HTC and Verizon scams....clearly they are working together in this.  I understand it's a business, but seriously, your products suck.  I'm not abusing my phone, it's never been near water, and I've paid on time every time since I started paying the ridiculous costs for two phone lines.  It's clear that these issues happen all the time, or the charge port WOULD be covered.