Droid Incredible 2 will not load past white HTC Screen

I was updating an app (Evernote) when my phone froze and completely locked up. I pulled the battery and tried to reboot the phone but after seeming like it was going ended up on a solid black screen. I pulled the battery again to reboot, that time it kept going to the HTC quietly brilliant screen (which I find ironic given my problems with this phone) so I pulled the battery yet again and tried it. Now I'm stuck on the very first white HTC screen and it won't load past it.

I thought maybe I was being impatient and left the phone overnight on that screen to see if it would magicially be on the next morning but sadly, still running and on that same screen.  I then gave up and tried to hard reset my phone, since I never even knew that menu existed I tried about everything there. When I selected recovery my phone ended up with a picture of my phone and a big red triange with an exclaimation point in it. That's when I lost all hope and just did a factory reset, which seemed ok when it said it was updating or downloading stuff from verizon but yet again stuck on the white HTC screen. 

I have 1 month to upgrade and I have insurance but I've already had my phone replaced twice due to power button problems before. I'm also wondering if it's even worth it at this point to pursue a replacement since tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I won't likely get my phone until the weekend or even Monday.

Any suggestions other than switching to an older phone? 

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