Droid Incredible randomly calls contacts

I've been having many weird issues over the past few months with my Droid Incredible. First, I was getting issues saying I was running out of storage space. I tried to update my firmware and it wouldn't go through. About a month ago I did a factory reset and started over. Once I did, I updated my firmware.

I'm now using Android 2.3.4 and my software version is 4.08.605.15 710rd

Lately (since my factory reset) my phone has been randomly calling people without me doing anything. This ranges from happening every few days (maybe once a week) to happening twice today within 2 hours! I know this may be caused if I don't lock it and put it away and pocket dialed, etc. That is not the case here. I'm very particular about going back to my home screen after anything AND clicking the top button to turn the screen off. Also, I only have a subset of my original apps that I had before I did the reset.

Is this a known issue with my Android and/or software version? FYI, I use the phone charger that came with the phone (it doubles as a USB plug too) as well as a stock generic wall charger right from Verizon -- no aftermarket charger from random sources. Are there any logs on the phone itself that say what app initiated a phone calls? I'm only thinking this because I suspect someone will say it must be an app, but I don't have new apps, only some of my old ones. If I could look at a log it could help pinpoint where its coming from.


Re: Droid Incredible randomly calls contacts
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This is a pretty bizarre situation, MarkNeedsHelp! My experience tells me that a factory reset is in order. I know that this can be a painful process and one that I certainly like to avoid. However, many times after an update, it becomes necessary. The good news is that it resolves odd issues like the one you described. Please select the link for instructions...http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=30946 Let me know if this helps.


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