Droid X 30.40 Boot load ERROR

What do you do when your phone breaks because you run an update?  How can one fix this problem outside throwing the phone away?

Problem occurred when I ran update with a low charge-old battery. Word to the wise don't update unless the battery is fully charged. Battery life in this case is about 2 years of average use.

Return the phone to find out if the issue is in fact software not hardware. Probable fix will include a battery charge check before any update is run. Also be careful when attempting operating system reboot (simultaneous home key and power until  boot, then (I think search key) -didn't work for me. My phone got stuck in bootloader with error 30.40. There is plenty of advice online to reinstall the OS. My advice would be don't go down that road - way to complicated.

Best advice is to call tech support unless you can find a knowledgeable tech person in a sales office. Good thing I have an upgrade coming....and lucky Verizon is willing to take the phone back  (no water damage) for evaluation (good company).