Droid X Sound - Suddenly Headphone/Speaker Sound Quality is Poor

I have had my Droid X for a little over a year, haven't had any issues, phone is in almost brand new condition (no scrapes/scratches/dings/water damage, has a protective cover, has a screen shield, etc)... all of a sudden on Monday of this week my sound turned to garbage.  I was listening to Rhapsody through my headphones, stopped Rhapsody and went to lunch, came back and then it was as if a speaker was blown on my headphones because I could hear the instrumentals moderately but hardly any vocals.  If I am to turn the volume to Max it sounds as if the volume is at 20% and the quality is horrible!  It affects Rhapsody, Netflix, FM Player, speakerphone... and it's not with only the headphone; the phone speaker acts the same way. 

I've tried:

  1. Shutting phone off
  2. Removing battery for a full night
  3. Equalizers
  4. Task Killers
  5. Enable/Disable Media Effects under Sound Settings
  6. Different Headphones
  7. Checked for updates (current)

I took it into Verizon and the representative was great, but since I was past the 1 year manufacturer's warranty he gave me the phone # to Assurance (sp), but they want to charge me $99 even though I pay for monthly insurance and it's not my fault Motorola's product stopped working properly.  I have searched EVERYWHERE online and no one seems to have the same problem... can someone please be of assistance?



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You may pay a monthly fee for insurance coverage but if you only have coverage through assurion then they charge a deductible. If you have total equipment coverage which is above and beyond assurion they verizon will cover the defects well after the original manufacturers warranty period of 1 year as long as it`s a defect and not damage caused by an accident. Sounds like you have 2 options. 1. Pay the deductible and have the phone replaced by assurion or 2. Perform a factory reset and restore the phone to out of box condition. I personally would take option 2 before i chose to pay for a replacement phone. I suspect that possibly your having an app conflict and a restore may undo any issues you maybe experiencing. Good luck and please post a follow up. It could possibly offer assistance to anyone who may encounter the same problem.