Droid X Stuck in Bootloader

So while trying trying to reboot to factory after a freeze all that would appear is the M logo. Then later I heard about putting the droid x into bootloader. Which everthing seemed fine at that point it read bootloader 30.04 and then connect to usb. So then I plugged it into my pc and installed .sbf flash for the droid x. It finished and passed then after it rebooted it showed the bootloader again this time with an error reading. Bootloader 30.04 Err:A5,70,70,00,1F MEM_MAP Blank Service Req'd Battery Low Cannot Program. Now for the problem is ive had it plugged in for 10 hours+ both usb charger and a wall charger neither works to charge it it stays on just enough for the bootloader to stay on for like 10 seconds then turns off then back on to bootloader. What is my problem here and is there a way to fix it? Or do I have to go spend money to get it replaced? Please Help?

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Oh no! I want to get you back up and running ASAP. Have you tried to remove the battery from the device for a good 10-15 seconds? Then place it back into the phone and power it on like normal? If you are still getting the same screen then please power the phone off all the way and perform these steps in the link: http://vz.to/1n3CbDe Please keep us posted.


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