Droid X and VZ Navigator v7.2 error

I have not been able to launch my VZ Navigator since updating to VZN v7.2... I get the error message: "VZ Navigator is having trouble communicating with its servers. Please try again. (4399)"  ..... I'm tired of "trying again" ... anyone else experience this problem? Additionally, I have never had any problems with VZ Navigator on my Droid X until the 4.5.605 system update. Please help?

Re: Droid X and VZ Navigator v7.2 error

Why bother with VZ Navigator, a paid application, when the great Google Maps/Navigation, a free application, is already on your phone?



Re: Droid X and VZ Navigator v7.2 error
Verizon Employee

Hello nightfox,


In my opinion, VZNavigator is the BEST GPS app available! It's constantly evolving and leading the way in GPS technology and traveling options. I can certainly understand why you prefer this app for your directional needs! May I ask are you able to use other data services such as the web browser, the app market, and email? If so then I have posted some troubleshooting steps below for you to try in order to resolve the issue. They are as follows:


  • Ensure that GPS location is set to ON.
  • Enable location based services online at My Verizon.
  • Clear temporary internet files and cookies. 
  • Uninstall and reinstall VZNavigator from settings on the device.
  • Verify VZNavigator permissions if prompted to do so.


Once you have completed the steps above then test the app to ensure that it launches and functions properly. If you continue to get the error message then please reply to this posting for additional assistance. 


Thank you...