Droid X freezing, starting and restarting on its own.

Last week I had to replace my Droid X. When I rec'd the replacement today, I pulled it out of the box, inserted the battery and fired it up. Called to activate the phone, started the set up process. It got all the way to the Back Up Assistant, then flipped itself off and restarted itself, but wouldn't let me do anything else. Nothing. Period. The little green light was flashing, indicating I had texts, voice mails, emails, etc, but the screen is blank. Occassionally the screen will show the time and date, but won't let me swipe to unlock it. The old phone did this same thing before I had it replaced. What's the problem? Yes, I've already done the "hold down the power and the home button to wipe/delete..." thing at least three times. No go. Is there a software snafu with Verizon going on?

Thanks for any help.