Droid X2 Stuck on "HDMI Connected."
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Riddle me this......... Stuck on HDMI!!!!! As I have come to find out, this poses a number of annoying problems; Everyone who has used the HDMI connection on their phones knows that the video and music features don't work because, well..... the phone is in HDMI mode!! The OUTPUT of these features are being used by HDMI and so they will not work on the phone so long as the HDMI cable is connected. Also, the camera shows a black screen while aiming to take a photo but will show the photo once the shutter has been pressed. Now that we have that cleared...... Can someone please tell me how to get the (HDMI connected) icon off my screen when there is "no cable connected?"

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Hello, ghost3947-

I am sure this would be quite frustrating! Let's take a look at that! Please ensure there is no debris in the HDMI port on the device. If dust, lint, etc get in that port, it can cause these sort of glitches. After you verify the port is clear, and it continues, please move on to a factory hard reset (http://tinyurl.com/9bgrztr) to resolve the concern. After the reset, the phone will walk you through activation and signing back into Google services. Keep me posted!

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