Droid X2 issues

I have had my Motorola Droid X2 since September 26, 2011 and have had nothing but problems. I ignored the discussions about the phone when I was researching "smartphones" and can tell you that I should have listened to the discussions from day one. The first week I got my phone I rebooted my phone 25 times!!! 25 times now that is dumb! I uninstalled apps that I downloaded, bought apps from the market and still had issues. My phone to date has shut itself off to many times to count, still reboots itself, locks up and freezes. Now lately it won't upload pics, the camera won't come up and when any app does come up I quickly get an "error message" and force close. Which doesn't bring it to the home screen but instead tries to recycle back to the app. I did the "safe mode" and a factory reset over the weekend. I am still having problems with the phone. Still getting the "server error" and "will upload pics when a WIFI is available". I will NOT be getting another Motorola phone. And am now headed back to the Verizon store today!!! I recommend anyone thinking about getting a droid phone to really read the discussions! It will help you in the long run!!!

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