Droid X2 noisy in-car Bluetooth

I've successfully connected my Droid X2 to my car's Bluetooth system and have used it for months with no problems until a week ago.

That's when I made the mistake of picking up the phone and trying to make a call directly from it, while I was in the car and the phone was paired with the car's Bluetooth. It did not work and I hung up.

Since then, every time I try to make a call from the car in the normal way, through the car's Bluetooth system, the call connects but all I hear (through the car's stereo) is the muffled voice of the person at the other end, in a sea of harsh loud background noise.

I've deleted the phone from the car's system and re-added it with no luck.

Has anybody run into the same problem and if so, how did you fix it?


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Customer Service Rep

Hello dragosca,  With todays handsfree laws we need to get your Bluetooth working again!  Have you tested the cars Bluetooth system with another device?  Have you tried completely removing the pairing from the phone as well as the cars system?  I am eager to continue troubleshooting to get this resolved!

Thank you,

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