Droid charge App usage.

Okay so my driod charge is my second one, the first one was replaced because of the extreme lag, dropped calls, lack of keeping a signal, sending text messages that i sent weeks ago when i did not send it that day, random resets and force closes while in app, also random phone resets while in app...i could go on but i think you got the point. My second phone is starting to do the same thing, with sending texts part and freezing in apps, and delayed reboots, and of course the black screen freeze. I have done 2 fact resets to this phone and still displaying the same features. Sooooooo I went up there a third time to verizon store and they were saying the possibility that its the apps fault that it is mesing with the primary functionality of the phone. So to test that they put the phone in safe mode. Of course the phone still froze on the given apps that the phone gave to me that came with the phone.They told me that i have to delete the app if it is the app and not use it anymore, till my upgrade rolls around ....sometime next year.Theysaid that using some apps can cause your phone to show those symptoms and that just mind boggles me!  How they blame the apps that are on the market thatll fit the os that the phone has, So basically what i got from this is that these apps are messing up my phone n i use these apps like every day. Facebook, Pandora, Netflix, Rage of bahumut, Line, fb messenger ect. What good is a smart phone if you cant use the apps that you want thats built to run on your phone??? I mean whats the point of even owning a smart phone if you can not use it to is potential? granted thats prolly the same thing people say who root their phones but thats an whole other story. So any thoughts anyone?

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