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Droid x won't charge battery

I have a Droid X that won't charge under any circumstances.  I've had a replacement phone sent to me and am having the same problem.  I don't suspect it's the phone hardware.  I have 3 different batteries, they are all dead!  I have 4 different chargers and none of them will work.  I re-loaded the software onto the phone from scratch wiping out everything, same problem.  I reloaded my apps and still the phone won't charge.  It's not the temperature of the phone.  Mine runs cool.  Something was done to the phone software OR an app has somehow stopped the phone from charging.  Now I will be getting another phone and I have 3 dead batteries.

Verizon and Motorola need to put their heads together and find out what is going on.

One solution I may try is to root the phone, load in another boot loader and see if the phone will charge.  That will eliminate any hardware issue. 

This is not going to be a quick solution......  I have no juice!!!!


Re: Droid x won't charge battery

you didn't say but batteries & chargers need to be "motorola", no matter what the claim to be of oem quality.

when the batteries are dead, many times they won't come back if they've been pulled down to nothing, "0".

usb charging is worthless, need to use the wall charger.

if all the batteries are dead how did you reload anything?

replacement phone probably won't come with a battery or sd card.

Re: Droid x won't charge battery

All equipment is by Motorola and OBVIOUSLY I reloaded the and used the phone while I had power left in the some of the 3 batteries. It isn't the equipment!

Verizon where are you?????

Re: Droid x won't charge battery
Sr. Member
  1. Wall outlet - make sure it has power.  Plug in a light or something into the wall outlet that you are using and see if it lights up.
  2. Charger(s) - may be bad or not Motorola compatible.  I had a friend that bought a Motorola compatible charger at a discount mart and it would not charge her Motorola phone.  Output was 350ma max!!!  Motorola phones (and most smartphones) need more power to charge, 750ma minimum.  850-1000ma is better.  Most USB ports do not offer that amount of power.
  3. Batteries - Maybe all are bad.  Did you get them from Verizon or Ebay/Amazon for just a few $$.  If they are dead they may not accept a charge.  Never let a Li Ion battery go completely dead.  You're playing Russian roulette with them.  You may get away with it once, twice, or a hundred times, but each time a Li battery is completely discharged, it's a toss up if it will come back to life or not.
  4. Phone - I really doubt it is at fault.

Get a good charger, a good battery, and a wall outlet with power.  Something is wrong in this chain.

Re: Droid x won't charge battery
Sr. Leader

Doing what you said to your phone is not going to help it Charge any Better or Faster.. the only thing will help that phone is Good Solid Charge Cycles an when the Battery is run down to were the red light flashes plug it in. The O.E.M Equipment is Ok if it has the Motorola Hologram Sticker on all Parts. But new batteries should start right away an will indicate if you shut the Phone off with a Battery in the Center of the X. if it's not showing this than you have Broken Mini U.H.F pin or a Burned out final in battery portion of the Phone..