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DroidX won't download or update apps.

My DroidX will not install or udpate any apps.  I have uninstalled and tried to reinstall a few but those never got downloaded (it just sits at "downloading") so I am afraid to uninstall any more.  I don't have a lot of apps.  I even had to delete all my music because it would just start playing them without me doing anything.  I use it for my business so when it starts playing in the middle of meeting, not good!! I couldn't get the song to stop so I deleted, deleted, deleted until there were no more songs.  That is the only way I was able to "fix" it. Thanks for any help.

Re: DroidX won't download or update apps.
Customer Support

Hello to you Wunkie!

I hope you're having a wonderful day. My goodness to your phone! I know I can't have my phone start playing music while I'm at work, so definitely no good.

The good news is whenever you download an application (free or purchased) your Google Play account keeps a history.  It's super easy for you to redownload previous apps!  Just follow these steps:

Visit > sign into your google account > Click on My Android Apps Click the "Install" button next to the app you want to send back to your phone.

Based on the information you've provided to me, it may seem that your phone is experiencing a system glitch. I would ensure all of your personal information (photos, contacts, etc) are backed up and I would then follow these steps:

I'm confident this will fix you right up!

Thank you

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