Easiest & Quickest way to RESET your Battery Use statistics.
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I have been testing and this is by far an easier and quicker way to RESET the Battery Use statistics.  It is MUCH easier that the previous method I posted.  Use the small charger that came with your Charge phone (110 Volt 1 Amp) because it is faster.


With the phone ON plug the charger into the phone.  When the Blue Icon in the upper left corner of the Task Bar says 100, unplug the charger.  By the way, It may save time if you plug the charger into the phone and leave it charging overnight.  Then do the rest of this the next morning.


Next, unplug the the charger.


Then hold the power button in until the phone turns off.


Plug the charger back in.


In about a minute or so you will see a gray battery that looks like a flashlight battery.  It will go away in a minute or so.


Next you will see a green battery (also looks like a flashlight battery) and it will go off in about a minute or so.


About 8 to 15 minutes later the green battery will reappear and say 100%.  When it says 100% you are done.  If you missed seeing the 100% you might unplug and re plug the charger and wait a minute or so to confirm the 100%.  When you're done unplug the charger.


NOTE:  On the other hand if it does not say 100% you may have to plug the charger in again and wait another 8-15 minutes and unplug and replug the charger to see if it says 100% on the green battery.  You are done when it says 100.


Finally, with the charger UNPLUGGED hold the power button in and restart your phone.  When it is completely restarted touch Settings>About Phone>Battery Use and at the top of the Battery Use display it will say something like "1m 6s on battery" which means that the Battery Use was reset 1 Minute 6 Seconds ago.