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Email Notification Glitch || Motorola Droid 4; v.4.0.4 ICS || ongoing as of 17 January 2013

For the past  past week or so my Droid 4 has been repeatedly and continually (non-stop!) providing "new" Email notifications when I have none whatsoever, or only one new mail. The notification I receive is that I have hundreds of new mails when either one or no new mails have delivered to my mail account (for reference, hundreds of notifications per hour). Not only that, but when I open the new mails I cannot access the contents of the mail I have received, and there are always at least three to five duplicates of each "new" mail, sometimes more.

I have researched this issue via Google Search: Droid4, ICS and Android help communities and sites and now on this forum. I have attempted to troubleshoot to rectify the issue by disabling my Email notifications, powering down the device, powering-up again, then re-enabling my Email notifications, all to no avail. If I receive no resolution here @VerizonWireless Community, my next course of action will be to enter the same information and request for assistance w/Motorola.  

In my research on this topic I did find the Motorola Droid 4; v.4.0.4 ICS rollout documentation, which was no help to me for this particular issue, but from which I did learn some neat things about that software version which I'd not previously known and which were helpful to me in other ways. That file is linked below as well as the attached .pdf file in hopes that it might be of help to others.

I would most certainly appreciate any and all help and/or suggestions from anyone here at the Verizon Community.

Thanks so much and kindest regards,


Droid 4 Update.pdf - Verizon Wireless Support


Re: Email Notification Glitch || Motorola Droid 4; v.4.0.4 ICS || ongoing as of 17 January 2013

I disabled my Email alerts and enabled gmail alerts because I couldn't stand it anymore... still hope someone here can help me, though because I very much dislike using the gmail platform on my Droid4.

I'm uploading screenshots of examples of multiple instances showing of one actual new mail and of what I see when I open a new mail... which is nothing in the body of the mail.

Multiple instances of some mails:


Email body blank when opened:


Thanks all! I appreciate any help or suggestions anyone may be able to provide.

Kind regards,


Re: Email Notification Glitch || Motorola Droid 4; v.4.0.4 ICS || ongoing as of 17 January 2013
Customer Support

Hi ricemeli! It certainly sounds like you've done quite a bit of research about those pesky notifications. Thanks for sharing all of your details! I wasn't able to open the screen shots you provided, but I'd like to find out more. Do you only have 1 email account on your phone? Is the email giving you trouble a Gmail email or another pop/imap email (like Yahoo, Comcast, AOL, etc)? I see you tried to disable/re-enable your notifications; and have also changed to the Gmail platform on your phone. Were you using the native email application on your phone for pop/imap accounts with the notification trouble or a third-party application from the market? Have you tried to remove & re-add the email address on the phone too?

I look forward to helping you with your email notifications. Thank you

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