Email frequently freezes / Notification alert tones

I have three issues:



I have three email accounts on my phone. When I check for new emails and switch between accounts, it often freezes. Sometimes it pops-up with a message saying it had to quit or I have to force quit the application in order to actually navigate to my other email accounts.


This happens almost every time I check my email.



When I delete messages, I tend to delete a few at a time by checking the box and selecting delete. It often keeps displaying "processing" and never deletes so I end up having to Force Quit the email application in order to actually delete the messages.




I have my gmail notification set to silent, however, every time that account receives email, it dings at me with my notification alert tone. I do NOT want to be notified via alerts for emails. Text messages are different.



It is becomeing very frustrating to work with this phone... never mind losing internet connection.



Re: Email frequently freezes / Notification alert tones
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Welcome to the community meoslebo! I can certainly understand why these issues you are experiencing on your phone would be frustrating. I would suggest clearing your cache from you Mail application by going to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>Email>Clear data/cache. If still having the issue, delete then re-add your email account. 


Also verify your notifications for Gmail are set to silent correctly. Here are some steps for Gmail notification.