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@Email using up battery life

Had Droid Charge since Aug 2011, no problems until few weeks ago.  My battery life went from charging once a day to needing a charge every 4 hours.  About this same time, @Email would mysteriously lose my password and lock-me out of my corporate account that had been working perfectly since August.  I deleted the corporate account, re-attached the account, changed it from auto-push to poll every 15 minutes, still had battery problems.  Verizon sent me a new phone 1 week ago. Thinking the @Email with my corporate account was the root of my problems, I'm now using K-9 for all of my email - love it with seemingly no problems.  I do need all of my contacts & calendar synced with my corporate account so I synced only my contacts & calendar of my corporate account and NOT any email or any other accounts.  I check the battery use and find that @Email is killing my battery - sitting at the 2nd highest application with 20% of my battery use.  Meanwhile K-9 is sitting at 2nd to last at only 2% of my battery use.  I changed the calendar & contacts on my corporate account to sync once a day, still no change.  How can @Email be using so much of my battery, if it is only syncing contacts & calendar once a day?!?   I've checked with IT at my office, they say it is a device issue. I've bump charged my phone.  I'm running out of ideas.  Any ideas on how to fix this problem?