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Error Message: System UIDs Inconsistent

I got this message after I turned on the phone: "UIDs on the system are inconsistent, you need to wipe your data partition or your device will be unstable." Can someone put this in plain English for me and tell me what exactly it is telling me and how do I do what it's asking?

Can this problem be related to why I lost my People (contacts) as well as why messages show phone numbers and not names, lost Google Play and apps I downloaded two weeks ago, and all call history?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Error Message: System UIDs Inconsistent
Customer Support

I can help with the translation, mijab. Your problems are most likely related this error message. The first thing you should do is clear the partition cache. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Boot into recovery
  • Press and hold Power, Choose "Restart" option
  • When screen turns off, press and hold Volume      Down and Power
  2. When the white HBOOT screen appears, use the volume button to move down to “RECOVERY.”
  3. Press the Power button to select “RECOVERY.”
  4. When the triangle and exclamation appears, hold the Volume Up and Power button at the same time.
  5. Using the volume button, scroll down to “Wipe cache partition” and select it.
  6. Select "Reboot system now"

If this does not resolve your issue the master reset would be the next best step. Keep me posted.


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Re: Error Message: System UIDs Inconsistent

I did as instructed but still get the same error message upon starting phone.

If I do a master reset, what, if anything, will I lose as far as any apps I have? In particular, should I upload all of my photos from my Gallery to an online photo storage site first?

How do I do a Master Reset? Tried Searching for the answer but nothing for HTC Incredible. Is it the same procedure across all Android phones?

Thx ChaunceyM for your response.


Re: Error Message: System UIDs Inconsistent

Disregard my question regarding uploading photos elsewhere. Will do it anyway to be on the safe side.

Is the Master Reset the same as a "hard reset?" If yes, I think I found the answer in similar posts.