Extended Battery protection Case
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i am looking for ideas! i have the otter box on it and now i got the extended battery and new back plate. how are you guys protection your unit with the use of the extended battery?

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Hi adamant118,

That is an excellent question. Because the extended battery will make the phone a bit bulkier, you may need to purchase a new case that will fit with the extended battery. How does your current case fit with the extended battery? Did you purchase the case thru us or thru a third party?



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Re: Extended Battery protection Case
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I have had an extended battery in my Charge phone for well over a year.  First I had the 3500 mAh battery (black color) and now the 3800 mAh battery (Orange color).  Both have worked great.

I have used the following case and ALSO a safety lanyard/strap. This combination has worked great for me.


The safety lanyard/strap connects to the phone at the upper left corner just above the two volume control buttons.  Mine is a Cotton Cell Phone Hand strap like the ones in this site (top row third one to the right).


When you set the phone into the belt case the strap folds back across the top edge of the phone and when the flap in folded down it holds it there until you open the flap to remove the phone.

BTW, it makes it safer when you remove the phone from the case because your fingers are already holding the strap in case you fumble and the phone slides out of you hand.  In fact, even when I am using the phone the strap is around my finders just in case!!!

If you or anyone else you know has ever lost a cell phone to a toilet when using a belt mounted case this may interest you.  Look at the photos of back of this case as shown in the above eBay URL.  When you put it on your belt put the belt through the middle clip first, then put it through your belt loop, and finally put it through the left most loop that is on back of the case.  See attached photo.  This is called toilet proofing your phone because the belt mounted case & phone combination cannot fall off whether your belt is buckled or unbuckled!


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