Feedback from soak test 2
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Since the other thread got hijacked so bad, I thought I would start this one with some possible feedback.  If you haven't been to Motorola's Bionic community forum recently, I'm guessing the update being tested in the soak test did not fix the BSOD (black screen of death/screen won't wake without a battery pull).  They are actively collecting bug reports on this one problem in hopes of finding what is causing it.  I have this problem myself once every week or two.


Just to be clear... No I am NOT part of the soak test.  This is an assumption on my part based on what is going on at the Motorola site.  Given that we are all sitting around waiting for VZW/Motorola to pull the trigger on the OTA update, it seemed like some information that might be worth sharing.


If anyone has any other information on the soak test or how soon we can expect to receive an update (even if it deosn't fix the BSOD problem), please share what you know.