Frustrated with Droid X

I am very frustrated with my Droid has been acting up (rebooting, has a delay, keeps going back to the home screen while I'm doing something else on the phone).

It started in March....It wouldn't hold a charge while on vacation. Stopped in to a Verizon store in Georgia and was told they didn't see anything wrong...when I got home I went into Verizon and they took the phone and they checked a few things and said to see if that worked. Also said the battery was fine. 

No change...back again to a different Verizon store and was told the battery was swollen and gave me a new battery. Still gets hot but not as bad. Started rebooting and has a delay.

Took it in again and told them it was acting up...took the phone and did something with settings...said to see if that worked...

Now phone doesn't seem to be connecting to 3G at all....wont let me leave the home screen. It immediately goes back to home when I try to do anything. Took the phone in again yesterday. They did a factory reset and nothing changed. I was told I needed a new phone. I've only had this phone 1 year 7 mo. Is there anything I can do? I'm not I need an iphone?!!!!!


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You have many of my problems - I've had them for almost 2 years.  I learned how to do the factory reset myself, I was having so many issues!!!  This phone REALLY seems to be a piece of junk!!

Wont take or save from message photos OR videos.

Wont install apps - like GroundSpeak

Wont run apps - like Kindle

Runs HALF an app - like Google Navigator (sometimes no satellite, sometimes no voice)

Boots up all by itsself.

Sound is intermidently impossible to hear.

Speach recognition is a JOKE

I am on the phone with Verizon for HOURS everytime I call them.  They replaced the phone once - this one is NINE TIMES WORSE but I dont have the time to call them...  HATE MY MOTOROLA DROID X

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If you arent very techy an iphone would be a good choice

After a reset the device is still acting up seems like its defective.. you could try to take out the sd card and factory reset again, dont put your gmail back on and see what happens